I am a doctoral researcher at the University of Basel and my passion is to analyze modern technologies and their importance in personnel and organizational economics.


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Upcoming presentations:

  • PhD-Workshop/20th ZEW-Conference on ICT
    Mannheim, GER, 6-
    8 July

  • EALE
    Padova, ITA, 8-10 September

  • VfS Annual Conference 2022: Big Data in Economics
    Basel, CH, 11-14 September

  • Industrienacht Regio Basel
    Basel, CH, 16 September

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My Story

The first time that digitalization and its drastic effects on our society caught my attention was in a lecture on how our democracy is threatened by the spread of modern technologies. The topic is tough and has its really dark sides, but there are also many positive aspects to digitalization.


What's more, the topic has unexpected depths. Over the last few years, I have focused my research on the effects of modern technologies on work organization, companies, and their employees. Because in the digital age, there are no generally valid statements. Digital transformation affects each individual differently, depending on the socio-economic background. Digital transformation affects each company differently, depending on the characteristics of the company, and its economic power.


And here starts my passion. Follow my research to learn more about digital transformation processes in firms, or let's discuss about the future of work in workshops and public events.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Basel, Switzerland