I am a doctoral researcher at the University of Basel. My research interests lie in personnel and organizational economics. Currently, I study the effects of technologies on new work and pay systems, employee motivation, and HR policies such as home office and employee monitoring, where I am specifically interested in its effect on employee empowerment and productivity, cooperation in the workplace, and its consequences for the human psyche.

Besides my research, I apply as a lecturer the knowledge I gain through my research and combine my research interests in economics with other disciplines, e.g. psychology and sustainable development. For an overview of current and past activities, see here.

For more information, please find my CV here or continue reading.

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Neue Arbeitsformen: Home Office & Co.

Workshop RAVplus, January 2021 (organized by Demografik)

Wie arbeiten wir in Zukunft?

Interview, Uni Basel, January 2020

The sudden growth of employee autonomy during the coronavirus lockdown

IZA Opinions, IZA World of Labour, April 2020



Petersplatz 1, 4001 Basel, Switzerland


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